Duck DNS Update Script For Mikrotik

# Duck DNS Update Script for MikroTik RouterOS 5.26 behind NAT

#--------------- Change Values in this section to match your setup ------------------

:local ducktoken "your-token"
:local duckdomain "your-domain"
:local ddnshost "$"

# No more changes need

:local ipddns [:resolve $ddnshost]

/tool fetch mode=http address="" src-path="/" dst-path="/icanhazip.txt"
:delay 3
:local result [/file get icanhazip.txt contents]

:local resultLen [:len $result]
:local endLoc [:find $result "\n" -1]
:local ipfresh [:pick $result 0 $endLoc]
:log info "Duck DNS: IP detected from is $ipfresh"

:if ($ipddns != $ipfresh) do={
    :log info "Duck DNS: Old IP is $ipddns"
    :log info "Duck DNS: New IP is $ipfresh"
    /tool fetch url="\?domains=$duckdomain&token=$ducktoken&ip=$ipfresh" dst-path=duckdns.txt
    :global ipddns $ipfresh
    :log info "Duck DNS: IP updated to $ipfresh!"
    } else={
     :log info "Duck DNS: Current IP is $ipddns"
     :log info "Duck DNS: Detected IP is same with current IP, dont need changes"


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